​​​Camila’s is dedicated to providing excellent cleaning services while giving great customer services. We have an expert team of housekeepers, janitors and maids. The time you spend trying to clean your home, investment property or  business can now be used for something else.

Typically, thoroughly cleaning your home or business takes hours and cleaning skills. Just the thought of cleaning a whole house or office can be exhausting. For those who require help with all domestic chores we have the best housekeepers and maids. Camila’s housekeepers and maids are well trained ready to help with cooking and cleaning as well as running errands. It used to be stay at home moms were responsible for cleaning the house and all household chores. However, in our modern culture, children have so many activities to attend and stay at home moms are working from home. With that in mind we fit into your lifestyle ready to help when we can.
The workplace is just as significant as the home after all we spend at least 8 hours of the day working. A cleaning service will guarantee the work environment is safe and pleasant to work. When trash isn't pulled or the stench from the bathroom can be smelled from the office this disrupts the workplace environment. 

We specialize in vacation property cleaning and management. Vacation property owners are some of our happiest customer check out in our home page and service page about our Airbnb services.

Camilla’s is full service cleaning company excited to help you. We would love to hear from you!

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