Professional Cleaning Services

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Running a bed and breakfast/B&B service in your house might prove to be a great business idea as many tourists now prefer having a ’home away from home’ experience instead of booking hotel rooms. Providing comfy bed and cozy breakfast to vacationers in exchange for a good amount of money - sounds very simple and stress free, doesn’t it?  But, like any other business venture managing a B&B service also has it’s pitfalls. Bothering friends, leaving keys at a café, missing bookings because you are not around- all these are reason enough for you to realize that you need a helping hand, and Camilla’s intends to lend that helping hand towards you by taking care of your vacation property using it’s resources.

We will handle the burden of managing check-ins, check-outs, cleanings and laundries with 100% professionalism and commitment. You can now accept more bookings without any hassle!

Our team will leave no stone unturned to provide you and your guests with excellent service.
We have long term experiences in managing rental properties both here in Seattle and all over United States. Through these experiences, we understand what is required to offer a pleasant stay for your guests and for your peace of mind!

We can also help you to maximize the profits generated by your property. Our years of experience in rental property management and ingenious management policies assure to wring out the maximum amount of cash flow from your property without compromising the satisfaction of your tenants.

  If you are considering having your property rented on short term basis, you came to the right place!